Event Period : November 22, 2021 (14:00) ~ November 28, 2021 (23:59) (KST)
* Application for the event will be processed based on the payment completion time.

How to Apply? : Pick 30 winners among the YES24 members who purchased CHUNG HA Special Single [Killing Me] during the event period. If you ordered multiple orders with one single ID during the event period, all will be automatically entered in the same number as the total number of items purchasing.
Ex) "A" (single ID) purchased 2pcs at first, and then purchased 3 pcs later during the event period. -> The total number of the products ordered is 5 SET. A will be applied 5 times for the event.

Winners Announcement : After 17:00 on November 30, 2021 (KST) via e벤트 세상 or EMAIL


1. This event will be started from the event time following the order on the winners announcement.

2. We will send the winners pre-announced message through mobile messenger in advance. If there is no call connection more than 2 times, the next winner may proceed first. Then, we will contact you once more at the end, but if we cannot reach you again at this time, we will not contact you anymore.
Please check the event time and apply.
-Please refrain from calling back for the event.

3. This event will be progressing for the same time per winner, and if the contents are considered inappropriate, participation may be restricted.

* Please end the call when the video call is over. (It will be terminated forcibly when the call has not hung up in time.)

* Please make sure your network environment, video and audio settings before the event.


1. Winners are requested to register personal information for the event by the specified time through the URL that is announced when the winner is announced.
* Personal information registration deadline: December 1, 2021 by 23:59 (KST)
* You can participate in the event only with the same information with submitted information and GLOBAL YES24 account information.
* Personal information can be registered only once, so please check the contents before submission.
* If you do not register within the deadline, the win will be void.

2. The winner of the event cannot change the information after registering personal information, so please be sure to register your contact information correctly for the event.
Overseas Winners - Kakaotalk ID, phone number (+country code) required
Domestic Winners - Kakaotalk ID, phone number required
* If the account of the submitted Kakaotalk ID and the phone number does not match, or if the submitted Kakaotalk ID and the phone number of the member's information does not match, you will be restricted to the event.
* Please add all of the messenger app accounts we ask to all winners for this video call event in advance.

3. This event starts at the time indicated in advance and we cannot help if the winners' contact is not smooth during the event. Please make sure to check the event details and apply only for those who have no difficulty in participating within the time.

4. If you got caught there is anybody other than you participated in this event, you may be forced to terminate the event. Voice recording, photography and video shooting are not allowed during the event.
*The signed albums will be shipped in order after the event.
*The signed album will be provided from one of your order. (The ordered albums will be shipped separately.)


1. The albums purchased during the event period are NOT available to get refunded or change after the event period is over, but if you cancel the order during the event period, you will be able to get refunded. (If the customers returned the packages due to the customs, the package will be re-sent after paying the extra international fee. Or the packages will be disposed by us after storing for 2 weeks.)

2. ONLY the person who has been PICKED is able to attend this event, and only the winner can talk on the phone with the artists. The multiple orders are allowed, and the transferring or changing the information is NOT possible. The party is solely responsible for any damage caused by the transfer.

3. The event is processed with the ID information and the username. Please check your username and enter the event (based on Global YES24 account). The username should be matched with your full name on your passport. (Foreign winners can only enter if their name and passport's English name are the same.)
*Which ID cards are allowed to check?
- For Koreans : Identification card passport, adolescent card issued by Korean gu office
- For Foreigners : Passport, certificate of alien registration
Besides them above, others are not be accepted. (ex. Student ID etc)
All ID cards should be valid for the expiration date.

4. When announcing the winners of this event, we will collect the winners' personal information through URL by a separate text message and an e-mail.
- The text message and e-mail will be sent based on your ID account information.

5. After the announcement of the winners, the name and contact details of the winners cannot be changed at the customer service center nor the event site. PLEASE check your contact information and birth date at MY PAGE of Global YES24.

6. When applying, to identify duplicate winners, the winner's personal information is collected and provided as follows:
- Collection items : name, contact info(Kakaotalk ID), E-mail, birth date
- Collection purpose : To draw the winners for CHUNG HA Special Single [Killing Me] VIDEO CALL EVENT
- Person who received personal information : YES24, MNH Ent.
- Personal information retention and utilization period : destroy within 7 days after events

7. Details of Event notice will be posted with the winners announcement.
8. The event may be changed or canceled without prior notice.

*For inquiry, please leave 1:1 consultation.