Event Date Video call fansign event : Aug 7, 2022 (Sun) 19:00 (KST)
Off-Line fansign event : Aug 7, 2022 (Sun) 20:00 (KST)
* A Off-Line fansign event will be held after the Video call fansign event.
* The start time of the Off-Line fansign event may be slightly delayed depending on the situation on the site. Please note that if there is any change, we will inform you at the site.
Event Location Until further notice (only Off-Line Fansign Event winners)
Event Information

Event Period : Aug 1 (Mon), 2022 (10:00) ~ Aug 3 (Wed), 2022 (23:59) (KST) (Payment completion standard)

Pick total 40 winners among the YES24 who purchased Xdinary Heroes - 1st Mini Album [Hello, world!] during the event period. (1 per person, duplicates applying & winning allowed)
* If you ordered multiple orders with one single ID during the event period, all will be automatically entered in the same number as the total number of items purchasing.
Ex) "A" (single ID) purchased 2pcs at first, and then purchased 3 pcs later during the event period. -> The total number of the products ordered is 5 SET. A will be applied 5 times for the event.

Winners Announcement : : After 11:00 on Aug 4 (Thu), 2022 (KST) via e벤트 세상 or EMAIL


1. The albums purchased during the event period are NOT available to get refunded or change after the event period is over, but if you cancel the order during the event period, you will be able to get refunded. (If the customers returned the packages due to the customs, the package will be re-sent after paying the extra international fee. Or the packages will be disposed by us after storing for 2 weeks.)

2. ONLY the person who has been PICKED is able to attend this event, and only the winner can talk on the phone with the artists. The multiple orders are allowed, and the transferring or changing the information is NOT possible. The party is solely responsible for any damage caused by the transfer.

3. The event is processed with the ID information and the username. Please check your username and enter the event (based on Global YES24 account). The username should be matched with your full name on your passport.
(Foreign winners can only enter if their name and passport's English name are the same.)
* Which ID cards are allowed to check?
- For Koreans : Identification card passport, adolescent card issued by Korean gu office
- For Foreigners : Passport, certificate of alien registration
Besides them above, others are not be accepted. (ex. Student ID etc)
All ID cards should be valid for the expiration date.

4. When announcing the winners of this event, we will collect the winners' personal information through URL by a separate text message and an e-mail.
- The text message and e-mail will be sent based on your ID account information.

5. After the announcement of the winners, the name and contact details of the winners cannot be changed at the customer service center nor the event site. PLEASE check your contact information and birth date at MY PAGE of Global YES24.

6. When applying, to identify duplicate winners, the winner's personal information is collected and provided as follows:
- Collection items : name, contact info(Kakaotalk ID), E-mail, birth date
- Collection purpose : To draw the winners for Xdinary Heroes - 1st Mini Album [Hello, world!] FANSIGN EVENT
- Person who received personal information : YES24
- Personal information retention and utilization period : destroy within 7 days after events

7. Details of Event notice will be posted with the winners announcement.

8. The event may be changed or canceled without prior notice.

* For inquiry, please leave 1:1 consultation.

Off-Line Fansign Event Progress Guide

You will enter after checking fever, using hand sanitizers, and wearing masks, and hold fan signing events with artist sequentially depending on the seat number. - Winners can be checked and number tickets can be distributed 30 minutes before the event starts.
- Please be aware of the following event precautions and participate in the event, and please cooperate with the request of the field staff.

1. The fan signing event site complies with the quarantine rules to prevent COVID-19. All seats will be designated by the winners themselves through a lottery after identifying themselves at the site. You can't enter after the start of the event, so please arrive in time for the event.
2. There is no separate waiting place at the fan signing due to the distancing in COVID-19 life, and please enter immediately after confirming the winners and distributing the number ticket.
3. When entering to prevent COVID-19, body temperature measurement (contactless thermometer), and hand disinfection will be performed. Please understand that admission may be restricted if you have a high fever of 37.5 degrees or higher and if you don't wear a mask.
4. Gifts and letters can be delivered to artists, but only through steps, and direct delivery is not possible.
5. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is operated as a "distance between seats" seat system. (maintain a distance of 50cm or more)
6. Only the winners themselves can receive the prize. You cannot receive it on behalf of your family or friendship.
7. When you receive the winning ticket, you can present and check your ID card with your picture attached to the on-site staff, so please bring your ID card with you.

Video Call Fansign Event Progress Guide

This event is a video call conducted only by facetalk of Kakaotalk app. The winner should prepare a mobile phone that can be used for Kakaotalk video call.
- To complete your application, please enter your following information correctly.

1. Winners are requested to register personal information for the event by the specified time through the URL that is announced when the winner is announced.
- Personal information registration deadline: Aug 5th, 2022 by 10:00 (KST)
Overseas Winners - Kakaotalk ID, phone number (+country code) required
Domestic Winners - Kakaotalk ID, phone number required
* Personal information registration is possible only once, so please check the details and register.
* If the account of the submitted messenger app ID and the mobile phone number do not match or the member's information and submitted information do not match, the event may be restricted.
* Please add and accept all the accounts for the video call event.
2. Only the winners can participate in this event, and the contact information and personal information cannot be changed after applying, so please make sure to apply with the correct information of the person who will participate in this event.
Please note that it is not possible to proceed if it is not the winners themselves or if more than two people participate.
3. The order of events will be based on the number of the winner's announcement.
4. You cannot record, videotape, or broadcast live on social media during and after a call.
5. Please refrain from calling back and sending back messages for smooth progress.
6. The handwritten signed album to be sent to the winner will be shipped in order after the end of the VIDEO CALL EVENT.
7. The event winner will receive a signed album among their ordered albums.(the purchased albums will be shipped separately)

If the contents are considered excessive requests or private questions including swear, criticize, or act inappropriately during the event, participation may be restricted or video call will be forcibly terminated.
For the smooth progress, please be aware of the precautions and cooperate, and if it is considered to interfere too much with the progress of the event, the staff may be restrained.